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Red pine tree description

Also known as Pinus resinosa, the red pine is a beautiful evergreen tree, so much that it is the state tree of Minnesota. A native North American pine tree, the red pine can be found growing from all along the area of the Great Lakes. There are even some smaller populations growing as far south as the Appalacian Mountains. This evergreen tree's most distinct feature is the fact that mature trees portray a bare trunk nearly half way up, leaving a crown of branches at the top. The red pine has many uses, including timber, pulp wood, as a landscape specimen, for producing natural wildlife habitat as well as the Christmas tree industry.

A fast grower, the red pine is a large evergreen tree that will attain heights upwards to 150 feet. It is adaptable to very poor soils, and can live as long as 400 years. Tolerant of high winds and drought resistant, however, does not like to be shaded.


Red pine tree seedlings
Age 2-0, 5-12", Zones 3-6

< 10 - $2.00, 10 pack - $15.00
25 pack - $25.00

Red pine tree transplants
Age 2-2, 12-18", Zones 3-6

< 10 - $5.00, 10 pack - $50.00
25 pack - $85.00

Red pine tree transplants
Age 2-3, 18-30", Zones 3-6

< 10 - $5.50, 10 pack - $50.00
25 pack $91.00

red pine christmas treered pine tree pine cone

Shipping begins mid-April once the frost is out of the ground. All plants are shipped bare root from our family nursery in Midwestern Wisconsin. Please understand that commiting to a shipment date before this time frame just is not possible, however, if mother nature is kind and the ground thaws early then the trees will ship early. Every effort is made to ensure the plants you receive are healthy and ready to plant. However, it is impossible to guarantee planting results. Weather, soil conditions, insects and proper planting all play a part in successful growth.

We are not responsible for the plants health if you choose to order a plant that will simply not grow or survive in your area based on the pictured zone map. Please order responsibly.

All prices shown include shipping and handling charges.

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