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Pine trees encompass approximately 125 various species of evergreen trees that can be found naturally growing mostly in the Northern hemisphere. Recent introductions of pine trees to the Southern hemisphere as a source of timber have been successful, however, many pines are now considered invasive in these regions. Pine trees are generally divided into two subgenera, white or soft pine and yellow or hard pine. The pine tree is considered one of the most valuable commercial tree, obvioulsy being highly used for lumber and wood pulp, which is used for construction, furniture and more. Pine trees also make an excellent choice for a landscape ornamental, and can be found being used in parks and residential gardens. Additionally, some varieties of pine trees are used in the Christmas tree industry, as well as the cones from these beautiful evergreen trees being used in various crafts. Pine nuts are also a vital food source, both by animals in the wild and commercially for cooking and baking.

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